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Alkem Laboratories Ltd. was founded in 1974 with a dream to improve the quality of life with exceptional healthcare facilities and services.

Over the past three and a half decades while being constantly fuelled with dedication and passion, Alkem has become known the world over as a premiere healthcare institution in generics and branded formulations.

Today, it covers both acute and chronic therapeutic segments with a diverse product portfolio in every possible segment of the pharmaceuticals industry. Currently, its products are marketed in 35 countries worldwide, with many more following soon.

Alkem’s strength lies in its ability to manufacture innovative products and envision business potential in various segments, most recently, the health food market. The range of products in this segment would largely be based on a wide range of applications of FOS and Sucralose, a natural sweet tasting and sugar free, low calorie sweetener. Moving ahead in this endeavour, Alkem has recently set up the world’s largest Sucralose producing unit in India.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Alkem is the 7th largest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Company in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry with sales revenues exceeding $350 million and a healthy annual growth of over 20%. Over the past decade it has been on an accelerated growth path in an increasingly competitive environment not just in domestic markets but also in international markets.

Some of the highlights of Alkem Labs:
Alkem is a leader in the Antiinfective segment and Ranks No. 1 in the Cephalosporins market in India.
Alkem is also counted amongst the leaders in the Gastroenterology, Pain Management and Antiosteoporosis market.
Alkem's sales, marketing strengths and expertise in brand building are widely recognised as the best with 2 brands amongst the top 25 brands & 11 brands amongst the top 300 brands of the country. Alkem has 28 brands with sales of over $2 million.
Alkem’s world class in-house manufacturing capabilities, spread across 7 manufacturing facilities in the country has played a vital role in its success in the domestic and the international markets.
Alkem is rapidly making strides in the global Pharmaceutical market with footprints in more than 35 countries.
Alkem has filed 15 ANDAs and has an approval of 5 products in the US market. Several products are in the pipeline for the US, European and Asian markets.
Our Vision

To achieve value driven leadership through...
- Quality thatís infinite
- Service thatís caring
- Hardwork thatís enduring

In India, we are collaborating our combined efforts to regain and surge to the coveted top 5 pharmaceutical companies by 2012. We wish to achieve this milestone through organic growth and inorganically through international partnerships and strategic alliances that would enhance our reach globally.
Our Mission

Alkem is collaborating its combined efforts to get in the coveted top 5 pharmaceutical companies of India by 2012. Alkem wishes to achieve this milestone through organic growth as well as its affiliations with international associations, partnerships and strategic alliances.
Our Values

Alkem - Healthcare beyond boundaries

At Alkem, we genuinely believe that quality Healthcare services have no boundaries. Moving forward in this direction, we stretch our imagination and resources to deliver the best Healthcare available in the medical field today. Moreover, our ‘People-First Policy’ ensures that we not just meet the ever growing customer expectations, but surpass them in every possible way we can.

At Alkem, 3 vital elements have helped us build our reputation:
Curiosity: We encourage our team not to be content with what they are told, but rather go out there and learn & study the topic even further. This approach helps the individual grow and take Healthcare to higher levels.

Passion: The constant burst of enthusiasm that propels an individual to complete a given task also enables other team members to contribute significantly.

Accountability: While Curiosity and Passion pushes us into unexplored Healthcare spaces, Accountability ensures that we focus our complete attention in seeing things from the ideation stage right until the implementation stage.
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